Change of plans

Overnight at Eagle Island I received an update from the Potters: they decided to go to Jarrell Cove and would arrive at Longbranch in a couple of days. I agreed to meet them at Longbranch and now needed to decide where to go.

Penrose Point State Park is close and has two sets of buoys on the east and west sides of the park. Going to Penrose would also allow me to stop at Lake Bay Marina to fill up on gas.

I left Eagle Island in no wind and motored east and then north through Pitt Passage.

Pitt Passage and Pitt Island.

There was no wind in Carr Inlet so I continued motoring to Penrose first checking the buoys on the east side of the point. The view, like Eagle Island, is of Mt. Rainer.  Like Eagle there is no protection from most winds nor wakes. I choose to go around to the west side of Penrose Point where there is a bit more protection from winds south and west (much less fetch) and this also puts me close to Lake Bay to buy some gas.

The tide is very low, -3′, so the spit coming off of Penrose was showing and the buoys seemed close to the shore. There is more than enough depth so I tied up and made lunch while watching people and wildlife explore the drying spit.

On the buoy at Penrose Point State Park looking towards Lake Bay.

Looking at Facebook I realized that John & Dave, whom I was unable to spend time with at Hope Island, were staying at the dock at Penrose Point State Park! Well I was right there!! I hailed John on the VHF and arranged to meet in a few hours as the depth at the State Park dock had John and Dave nearly aground.

A few hours later I motored into Lake Bay stopping first at the marina to buy gas and then over to the State Park dock.

John, Dave and I chatted through the evening and we called it a night being glad their plans and mine had changed and brought us to the same place – sometimes random happenings bring good things!

2 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Thanks for your blog. I appreciate your travels. Also thankful for all your marketing efforts at Sage.
    Fair Winds,
    Jon Bahrt


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