Back to Eagle Island

After meeting with most of the Potter group they planned to spend the nextday in Olympia.   I decided to go out on my own and meet up with them at Longbranch, Filucy Bay, in a couple of days.

Momma Kitty inspects the cabin assuring all is ready for the day.

I departed Swantown Marina in very very light wind from the north … so motoring I went through Budd Inlet, Dana Passage and crossing to Devils Head at the southern end of Drayton Passage. There I the motor and drifted with the tide, in my favor, and made lunch.

A slight breeze came up so up went Sweet Pea’s sails! I played the puffs to Otso Point on Anderson Island where the current turned against me. I motorsailed between Anderson and Eagle Islands and took up a buoy on the east side to once again enjoy the evening and morning view of Mount Rainier.

Motor-sailing towards Eagle Island.

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