One month

After a nice couple of days at Liberty Bay and Poulsbo it was time to head to Edmonds to meet up with my family and celebrate my sister’s birthday. This trip involved transiting Agate Passage and then crossing the main channel of Puget Sound. There is a strong afternoon and evening wind forecast for Admiralty Inlet on which Edmonds sits on the far southern part. It is not good to mess with Admiralty as when the wind really gets up against the current the seas can quickly become uncomfortable.

I’m out of the vberth very early and the anchor is up at 6:15am. In no wind, so motoring, SWEET PEA passes under the Agate Passage bridge to Bainbridge Island at 7:25am with the current in her favor: +2.5 knots!

Early morning on northern Port Orchard heading towards Agate Passage.

In Port Madison there is a light southerly so up go the sails and off the motor!

The wind is light but with a helpful current, at times a two knot push, I’m able to sail across the shipping lanes to the entrance of the Edmonds Marina. At noon SWEET PEA is settled into a slip.

Expensive slip at Edmonds – only space available was for a 26′ boat so I paid for 9′ extra!

My dad collects me and at his place I take a shower, give myself a haircut and do laundry – what is family for! 😉 I also weigh myself – 151 pounds! I’ve not weighed this little since 1986!

After dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant I return to SWEET PEA where Momma Kitty wants my attention after being on her own all afternoon and early evening.

1 June ’18 –

Momma Kitty and I wake up in the safe confines of the Edmonds Marina having now lived aboard for one month (31 days). For both of us this is the longest continual stretch we’ve spent aboard a boat.

My dad collects me at the marina and we fill the late morning and early afternoon running errands: grocery shopping, buying a few boating things, and collecting a few boat tools I have stashed at my sister’s house. I also make plans to meet my dad at Port Townsend in a few weeks for the start of Race to Alaska 2018. The evening is filled with a family gathering: my sister’s birthday party. It was good to see everyone!

Some gifts for the birthday girl!

Back on the boat Momma Kitty wants my full attention as she has been left on her own most of the day. I settle into the vberth to read which Momma finds to her liking and she curls up next to me and quickly falls to sleep.

3 thoughts on “One month

  1. I am curious what it is about cruising that caused you to lose weight. What do your meals look like? How do you exercise?


    1. John: I wasn’t eating enough while being active. I don’t specifically exercise but I do walk often, especially when cruising as I have no vehicle at those times. I’ll write more about my diet in a later post.


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