Port Ludlow

It isn’t far from Mats Mats Bay to Port Ludlow – just leave Mats Mats and hang a right.

I headed out to find a moderate wind from the NE and set sail.

Downwind to Port Ludlow.

Hada gentle sail to the Port Ludlow Marina where I did motor to the fuel dock so I could dump the porta-potti and collect water.

Potti dump at the fuel dock.

Motored back into the bay and set the anchor in about 20′ or so of water near the old lumber yard (now the site is filled with condos).

Was low tide so I put up a lot of rode – tide range overnight was forecast to be just over 10′. Only a few other boats were anchored, neither had a person aboard so they seemed to be resident boats.

The afternoon and evening were enjoyable with the wind increasing in strength. This wasn’t forecast for The Sound and the wind reports didn’t show the speeds I was experiencing – so this was a local wind being funneled by the shape of the bay.

Momma Kitty relaxes after a full day.

One thought on “Port Ludlow

  1. I’m enjoying the periodic trip reports and living vicariously through you 🙂 Someday I hope to make this sort of trip.

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