Port Ludlow to Edmonds

Through the night the wind was gusty at times humming in the rigging. Halfway through the night Momma Kitty wanted under the covers. The morning was sunny.

Morning coffee warmed the body and cabin where I enjoyed listening to the news, collected the weather forecast and checked the tide and current tables.

Today will go a moderate distance to Edmonds. Along the way will be passing Point No Point, a location where the current can run fast and the tide rip can be fierce. The wind is forecast to be moderate, 10-15 kts, and against the tide with a current forecast of 2.5 knots. The current was also going to be against me the entire way!

Left Port Ludlow at 9am. While raising the anchor it was well set as I expected it to be after the night’s wind. It didn’t want to come up by hand so I put the winch to work on the rode. The boat healed to port under the load … oh no! What have I caught!? The anchor then came loose when it broke the surface had an old line caught and I’m thankful broke as loosing my anchor at the beginning of the trip is not a good way to start an adventure. What had I snagged?

Being happy I didn’t loose my anchor I raised sail and tacked out of Port Ludlow. The wind was blowing 15kts so I put in a reef and see a boat speed increase. There was a tide rip at the entrance of Ludlow, Tala Point, with waves 2-3′. Bounced through this and cut across the entrance to Hood Canal towards Foulweater Bluff. Halfway across I saw a pod of orcas!!!

As I approached Foulweather the wind moderated and I shook out the reef. Here I also turned more southerly and went from beating to a reach and then down wind. The boat was moving well, at hull speed, and showing 4 to 5 knots on the GPS – meaning the boat was going 5-6 kts as I was sailing against an1-2 knot current. The waves were choppy being 1-2′ with an occasional taller one here and there.

Sailing well through a tide rip.

Point No Point was a non-event. There were small tide rips north and south of the point, but not at all as bouncy as what had been experienced leaving Port Ludlow. 

Was making great time so decided to hove-to and make myself lunch – but first I waited for a sailboat race fleet to pass me as I was headed south as they headed north into the fresh breeze.

Hove-to having lunch and watching a container ship pass.

Lunch went well and I made the decision to drop the main. The wind was blowing hard.  As I waswgoing with the wind I needed to be watchful of how much sail is up.

Once the main was secured to the boom I headed south to Edmonds. Under the 150% genoa Sweet Pea was still sailing at 4.5 to 5 kts against the tide!


I arrived at Edmonds, stowed the genoa, and motored into the marina. The guest dock was mostly empty so I found my a prime spot.   Now to take a shower!

Sunset at Edmonds.

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