Da’ Internet don’t work

Olympia Swantown Marina’s ‘free’ WiFi is screwed. They don’t have it correctly configured and to log on even basic protections mean your computer/tablet/phone will not connect. Here are the details on their problem –




When talking to the ISP tech support (i do give a thumbs up to the marina staff for trying to help) they say it is my fault. Well – I’ve attempted to connect with THREE devises and NONE work. these devices have connected no problem around the country and the laptop has worked internationally.

FYI – this post was uploaded using the WiFi at the Longbranch Marian in Filucy Bay … so it ain’t my computer(s)!

Source: http://www.imdancingintherain.com/2014/10/what-to-do-without-internet-access.html


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