A day in Edmonds and then to Port Ludlow

8 June 2018 –

Back in Edmonds I spend the day with my Dad. The forecast is for rain so I’ll avoid the raindrops.

Momma Kitty and I enjoy the chilly morning in SWEET PEA‘s cabin.

9 June ’18 –

The boat is damp from the last couple of cool days. Before departing Edmonds I put the bedding in the marina dyer. When I remake the bed Momma Kitty settles into the warm linen – smart cat!

Departing Edmonds Marina the wind is a light 5kt southerly so I raise sail heading north into Admiralty Inlet. At Point No Point the very light wind means I motor for a short while to clear the tide rip and then again raise the sail.

The sail – motor – sail pattern continues till I pass Foulweather Bluff where I reach across the entrance to Hood Canal and sail into Port Ludlow just as the a pissing rain begins to fall.

I set anchor, get out of my now wet rain gear and go below for a cup of coffee.

Pasta dinner: brussel sprouts, mushroom, onions and summer sausage.

10 June ’18 –

It rained all evening and most of the night. After breakfast the sun peaks out and I hang out the rain gear to dry while Momma Kitty does some sunbathing in the cockpit.

Momma Kitty catching some rays.

By mid-afternoon the rain is back along with a gusting wind that swirls through Port Ludlow. This anchorage is well sheltered so there are only small waves as SWEET PEA swings around her anchor.

The afternoon and evening is spent reading and watching ‘Dead Man Walking’ on the Kindle.

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