Party Time in Port Townsend

11 June ’18 –

A leisurely morning in Port Ludlow as Port Townsend Canal current is flooding most of the day and therefore against me. Was chilly overnight. Momma Kitty woke at our usually time, between 5 and 530am, ate some kibble and then came back under the covers for more snoozing. We then slept until 730am. I expect to motor today as the wind forecast is for light to nothing wind.

Calm morning waters at Port Ludlow.

The anchor is up at 11am and I motor a short time till just exiting the outer entrance to Port Ludlow. Sails are surprisingly raised in a five knot Northeasterly. Wind is favorable and able to sail all the way to the canal entrance in one tack where I motor through against the adverse current. In Port Townsend Bay the wind is right on the nose so tacking north to Rat Island and the entrance to Kilisut Harbor.

I motor through the channel around Rat Island to Fort Flagler State Park and choose the far south buoy.

12 June –

The Port Townsend pulp mill as seen from Fort Flagler.

Another chilly night where Momma Kitty and I stay under the covers to share warmth. The water is flat calm with only the sound of the current running past the buoy and hull (see Instagram video linked above).

At the Fort Flagler dock two 40′ powerboats are moored. They spent the night and remain this morning. All that space and they tie to a dock?! I’m on a boat that would sit with room to spare on their aft deck and have no interest in being at a dock on going ashore.

At 11am depart Fort Flagler and motor to Port Townsend’s Point Hudson Marina. The distance is short and the tide and the light wind are against me. I motor across Port Townsend Bay and am settled at a slip by noon.

My father meets me and we have a late lunch Doc’s Marina Grill at Point Hudson. He left me to go golfing at the Port Townsend course while I do laundry and take a shower.

While wondering Point Hudson I see this nice full keeled wooden pocket cruiser.

13 June – the BIG party

Race to Alaska Pre-race Ruckus is this afternoon so I & Dad start the day with a great breakfast a Point Hudson Cafe. Just wonderful!

Once breakfast has settled we go shopping for a few boat things and repair the masthead light connector.

The Ruckus begins mid-afternoon and an enjoyable time is spent looking at the boats taking part in the race and spending stopping at the beer garden. Dinner is a seafood delight at Doc’s at Point Hudson Marina.

Yummy shellfish!

14 June –

Up at 330am for the 5am dusk-early start of Race to Alaska. A good sized crowd is on the beach and pier at the Northwest Maritime Center.

Being very early Dad and I return to Sweet Pea and have a cup of coffee before heading, predictably, to Point Hudson Cafe for breakfast.

My dad shuttles me to Safeway for some groceries and at noon we say our goodbyes.

Exiting Point Hudson Marina a nice breeze from the south provides a fun sail to Rat Island. On the way I avoid a USN submarine and the machine gun toting escort.

At Rat Island I douse sail and motor to Mystery Bay State Park and choose a buoy.

Once I have things settled I have a peanut butter sandwich lunch and take a nap. A few hours later I wake, have a cup of coffee and attach telltails to the main’s leech.

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