To the islands!

15 June 1018 –

I’m wanting to get to the San Juan Islands. This means going north. I could cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca or go the ‘back way’ going up Saratoga Passage on the east side of Whidbey Island and then take Swinomish Channel passing through LaConner. I’ve never taken the latter way so, as I live on a boat and have no set schedule, I choose to take the long route.

Depart Mystery Bay State Park mid-morning and motor past Rat Island. Clearing the channel it is up sails and a wonderful downwind run all the way to Port Ludlow including sailing through Port Townsend Canal! I deploy the anchor under sail but confirm it is set using the motor.

Sunset at Port Ludlow.

16 June –

After breakfast and setting the cabin for the long trip to Oak Harbor I stop at the Port Ludlow Marina for gas and water and dumping the porta potti.

Wind is forecast become sporting as a small craft advisory is forecast in Admiralty Inlet for the late afternoon. I hope to be snugly anchored at Oak Harbor after running with the wind south to Possession Sound and then a favorable westerly on the east side of Whidbey Island.

Under 110% working jib and full main leave Port Ludlow in about 15 knots. Rounding Tala Point the wind lessens to about 10-12kts. Passing Foulweather bluff the wind is even lighter.

I am able to move along OK and pass Point No Point then adjust course for Possession Point at the south end of Whidbey Island. Wind is still lighter so I change headsails and turn north up Possesson Sound.  There is nothing but light land breeze blowing that is shifting and swirling. I play the cats paws to the Whidbey Island terminal.

It is now early evening so I start the motor and consider anchoring overnight near Langley in Saratoga Passage. There is no protection from any wind or seas and the forecast is for little wind overnight. At 8pm I set anchor near Langley hoping the calm overnight forecast is correct.

Sunset at the Langley anchorage.

17 June –

Momma Kitty checks out the Whidbey Island shoreline at Langley.

Depart Langley at 1015am. The night was calm but the evening and morning power boaters sent wakes through the anchored boats.

A nice breeze comes up and sail to just a bit north of Lowell Point, by Camino Island State Park, where I sit for fifteen minutes in absolute calm. I start the motor and head to Oak Harbor.

Nearing Snatelum Point a shifting northerly wind comes up and I choose to continue motoring. A shifty breeze on the nose means extra hours of sailing and after yesterdays long sail in little wind I’m just not up to fighting a shifting wind and contrary current.

I set anchor in Oak Harbor’s mud at 510pm. Even passing on some sailing opportunity still used wind power 4.5 hours of the 7 hour trip covering 23.6 nautical miles (over water).

Setting sun begins putting a golden glow on the trees around Oak Harbor.

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