in golden colorado

no … i didn’t sail SWEET PEA to colorado. last week i left seattle for a 1300, three day, drive to golden CO to assist in the construction of the Sage Marine Sage 17.  the drive was fine and i spend two nights, with Momma Kitty, camping in my truck. when i arrived in golden the temps were in … More in golden colorado

SWEET PEA’s old home on cover of G.O.B mag

The past two owners of SWEET PEA moored her on a buoy in Quartermaster Harbor at Vashon Island.    The exact location was at Dockton, technically on Maury Island, attached by a small isthmus to Vashon Island.  When I collected the May/June ’11 (issue 78 , GOOD OLD BOAT the cover photograph looked really familiar.  The reason is … More SWEET PEA’s old home on cover of G.O.B mag

projects being completed … going sailing SOON

over the past week the following have been completed – motor mount rebedded transom boarding ladder ready to be attached as the backing plates have been epoxyed to the inside of the transom and the bolt holes drilled bow pulpit rebedded bow bi-color light attached and wired started to seal-off the stern cockpit locker from … More projects being completed … going sailing SOON

projects update

with SWEET PEA out of the weather in a large shop i’ve been able to do a some tasks over the past few days – removed bow pulpit removed motor mount ran wire from distribution panel to bow (a bit of standing on my head) for the bow bi-color light repaired damaged masthead light in … More projects update

saiboat projects

i removed the winter tarp from SWEET PEA day before yesterday so i could move her to the workshop of a friend.  this will allow me to finish the off-season projects before mid-april.  my friend, eric, has also volunteered his 10 year old son to crawl into the small spaces around the transom to assist … More saiboat projects